Monday, November 28, 2005

Comments on the people I know...

This is a new monthly-ish commentary on those people whom I know, whether I like them or hate them....... Every month, on this blog, I'll try to post some comments on those people.... These are mere opinion on those persons and should these person see this, I hope they can learn and not get angry with my expressions... For my 1st person to give comment to, He is the rank 1 in both academic and technical in our class, Harold Q. Gardon... (BTW: Sorry for the large font... I'll try to find a way to shrink it... :D)

Harold is a great guy. He has everything you want for a person: the looks, the brain, the brawn everything... However, since i met him during the 1st year of my highschool life, his attitude is a bit of a bothersome to me. May pagkamayabang, medyo boastful, and it was not until i sucker punched him in the nose that he changed... Or has he? I know for a fact that during the 2nd year, he has been hanging out with those punks in our batch... But this year, he says he is now a changed person... I personally think that he is a two-faced person.... however, I don't really get what he thinks... I don't exactly know his true purpose, so my question is this: Has Harold changed for the better, or for the worse?

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Saturday, November 26, 2005

pROSEboards Eyeball!

Hehe... earlier today I met up with some friends from the pROSEboards...

Although there were only a few of us, they really made my day special...

T'was funny and really great since we get together for the first (to them, the second) time and we are able to play some arcade games and watch Harry Potter 4...

I was able to go back home satisfied and happy about the new found friends I have now...

I hope I can invite them to my friendster someday XD

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Friday, November 25, 2005

WOOOOOO!!!!!! BANDFEST!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!



ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \,,/-.-\,,/

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

4 Great things

1. Got me a new classmate!!!
He's from Korea and he's trying to get along with us. I know how hard it is to blend in in a foreign place... But I know he'll get used here in a few weeks...

2. Outbound education trip tomorrow!!!
Well, technically it's a field trip, but hey it's education outside the school! I expect this should be fun XD

3. Battle of teh Bands!!!

4. Gonna meet with some friends from the roseboards...
Its Nov. 26, 1pm Greenbelt 3, watching harry potter.. Afterwards, Karaoke XD

Thats all, at least for now.... :)

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Eddie Guerrero..... Dead?!


I can't imagine that a respected wrestler... now Dead...

Right after Batista made him change for the better....

Seems that God has His ways of calling...

but this... This is... I dunno what to say....


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Monday, November 14, 2005


Well... Nothing seems to have passed my mind lately...

I'm supposed to write the 1st part of my story.. Yet.. I can't think anything yet...


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Thursday, November 10, 2005

0.o new patch of R.O.S.E.

here's something you rose players out there might like.... ;)

Chapter 4: Battlecarts (November 10)
Make your way for the deadliest weapons to come in the roads of ROSE Online! This November 10, the battlecarts are goin ablaze our streets! Now it’s not just about rides. Acceso-ROSE that cart and flash ‘em that hot new ride and show who’s boss in PVP! Rose Online introduces a new feature that will further enhance an already enjoyable gaming experience. Carts have long been a prime feature of Rose Online and now users can take it a step further by adding a Weapon Part to turn their rides into mean fighting machines.

The new system also comes with cart-versions of the character skills that will allow for more diverse use of carts in combat. The Battlecart System is available to users who are Level 70 or higher. They must have carts and the cart driving skill as well as a cart weapon part. These cart weapons can be gained by hunting specific boss monsters.

Once a user has a cart weapon, he can learn some cart skills which will be sold by an NPC. Cart weapons are also locked to specific jobs, so Dealers will have to hunt for Dealer cart weapons, Soldiers will have to hunt for Soldier cart weapons, and so forth.To know more about this feature, click here.

Chapter 4.5: Passenger Seat (November 17)

Ok so you got the weapons. But think about this. What about having the ability to take the one you adore to that special place with a great view or giving your best buddy a ride to town? Or just start a new money-earning scam… I mean scheme… *burp. Excuse me* by being one of the first cab drivers of the seven planets! Wow! Aren’t you just overwhelmed with all the new fun things that come every month?Passenger Seats will be available starting November 17!

got this from:

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Game discrimination

You know.... People like to judge other people...

But when they discriminate a game especially a game you like... It really goes way beyond the point.

They haven't played the game and they make judgement of it, they really think they know it and they will hate those who disagree with them.

Kapal ng mukha no?

This proves to show that some people are complete idiots....

They are totally blind and they should be taken care of....

Damn bastards....

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Monday, November 07, 2005

Galing sa Sembreak...

Arrgh!!!! Nakakainis!!!!

Sus Kelangan ko nang bumalik sa eskwela!!!!

Medyo bad trip lang ako ngayun kasi nga mga kaklase ko mga kupal eh...
Mga isip indyo eh....

Bahala na... magtiis nalang muna ako... 2 years pa bago ako lumipat eh....

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

tsk tsk tsk...

hmmm.... so much to do in this blog... yet i need to revise it all... @_@

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My first thoughts....

Life's a bitch.....

Sometimes it can amuse you..
Sometimes it can ignore you....
Sometimes it can applease you...
Sometimes it pisses you off....

Many people think of life as a game...
Yet some take it for granted...
Others take Life as a Joke
But some took life more seriously

Life has its twists and turns..
Yet it can also be straight...
Then the path ends in an instant
And everything you had will be lost.

Yes. Life is a Bitch.
But still you have to live with it.
For this is our life.
And we must endure it.

my first poem in my blog.... makes me wonder why i made this in the 1st place... <_<

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