Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy new year!!!

Well another year filled surprises has passed...

I wonder what's in store for next year?

I just hope and pray that our country will be in a better state this year and we may be able to do better next year...

But they say next year will be a good year for this Country... I guess we'll never know... ^_^


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

\,,/-.-\,,/ ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Its that time of the year once again
When People start rushing
Buying their gifts and food
And children in the streets singing

They decorate their houses
and set up their trees
forgetting their problems
and preparing their needs

They cook delicious dinners
and their relatives visit
their dinner is served
and their gifts were given

But Christmas isn't about gifts
But rather the birth of a savior
So lets celebrate Christmas with joy
And end it with a prayer.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! \,,/-.-\,,/

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thoughts after the christmas party...


Today was really funny because aside from the fact that I was able to play Rose and RF, the Crhistmas Party we have was one of the wackiest ones I've ever seen in my High School life...

It was also a special event, mainly due to the christmas kringle, in which we have to choose from a list of different aliases a person whom we will give the gift and should know who that person behind the alias is... But aside from that, we had some dancing, some parlor games and some singing as well....

But, what made today special was the fact that I was able to give a Christmas present, not that for the kringle, but a rather special present, for a very special person.... I won't tell you what happened though :D

But anyway, it was real good... Makes me wanna say "Let this moment last forever...." ^_^

Well, so much for that... Hope you enjoy your Christmas!

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am now one of the Bellato...

We call you to arms!

We haven’t fallen. We are still here.
The soulless brutes of the Empire and the mindless zealots that worship a false god seeks what is ours by right, by might and by magical force.
What they do not know is we are watching.
We know where they have gone wrong, we know what they do right, and we know how to attack them.
They make the mistakes. We never will again.
We must use all our might, the true force of light, and our intelligence to create the weapons which will help us claim what is rightfully ours.

Reclaim the Federation!

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10 days left...

10 days before christmas.... hmmm... what should i get for christmas?

A new computer?
The latest cellphone model?
An Ipod shuffle?

Hmmm... People are like so busy trying to get ready for christmas by buying gifts and decorating their houses... But Christmas is not about the gifts nor the decorations nor the other stuff... Its about sharing and the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. Remember that Jesus saved us from our sins by dying on the cross.... And He also taught us that its better to give than to receive.... So what better way to spend Christmas is to give to the less fortunate and to attend mass this Christmas eve...

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!!!!!!! \,,/-.-\,,/

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Sunday, December 11, 2005


Sigh... My classmates discriminate me, they think they're so special that they really want to discrimnate me...

But who are they to judge me?

I am what I say that I am... No one has the right to judge me. Only God has the right to do so. I can only pray that God's just hand shall give them what they deserve.

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I dunno...

Do I Love him?
Or is it just something that slipped out of my mind?
Have I fallen for him?
Or am I mistaken him for somebody else?

I know you're an effeminate...
Yet I can't stop thinking 'bout you..
I already have a girl on my mind...
But you have already charmed me...

You keep on entering my mind...
And I can't erase you from my mind...
Since I always see you..
And always talked with you all the time...

How can I say that love fools a person...
Since love shoots at anyone without notice...
Jasper... I know that I love you...
Yet, I cannot, since you are an effeminate.

sigh.... Jasper, if you are reading this don't be surprised... I may like you, but i cannot love, for Iya is the one in my heart.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

High school Dance

Looks like this year's high school dance might be a lot more interesting than before....

They say there will be more dancing, more fun, and some more fun stuff...

Better get some more details on this... @___@

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

2nd Issue: Comments on the people I Know

Here I am once again, contemplating on those people whom I know, love and sometimes hate... For this month, I'll be focusing on a friend who is effeminate, yet I have my doubt about him being male and all... He's Jasper Charles Lee.

Jasper is like one of the few effeminate people in our class... Yet, he's really active and very much lively. Even though he is not that smart, he is a very lively and active person... However he does have his downslides, especially her effeminacy... I pretty much worried about her since it might get the better of him one day.. Everything is fine in terms of my friendship with Jasper, yet one thing bothers me... Seems that he might be a she... Because believe it or not, some of our classmates believe that he is a actually a female... He might be just hiding it... now several questions stick into my mind once again... 1. Is Jasper really effeminate? or is he really a female? 2. Does he hide any unknown secrets from our classmates?

well... thats ends another issue of comments on the people i know... :)

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