Saturday, January 21, 2006



Man... Exams are finally over...

3 Days of total brain teasers and questions that even my great mind can't answer...

At least 2x drop sa pROSE ngayon...

That made me happy for now... ^_^

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Lyrics From the RF Online Original Soundtrack

When, I saw you for the first time
I knew you were the one.
You didn't say a word to me.
But love, was in the air.

Then you held my hand
Pulled me into your world
From then on my life
Has changed for me
Now I'll never feel lonely again
Coz you are in my life...

How can I explain to you
The way I feel inside when I think of you..
I thank you for everything that you showed me.
Don't you ever forget that I love you.

Love, I know that someday real soon
You'll be right next to me.

Holding me so tight.
So I will always be yours.
Although we can't be together now.
Remember I am here for you.
And I know you're there for me.

Whenever I want to be with you
I just close my eyes and pretend you're near
I see you, I touch you, I feel you, like real
Nothing can ever change what I feel inside.

How long must I be far away from you?
I don't know dear, but I know we are One...

Nyay.... Medyo nakaka-iyak yung lyrics.... nyahahaha =D

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thoughts after my spritual retreat...

Last Jan. 5 - 6, me and my classmates went on a spritual retreat in Silang, Cavite...

It was really challenging and emotional since many of our activities really involved not only our minds and bodies, but also our hearts and souls... We really gave out everything including our emotions for the sake of making our retreat a huge success and it was...

But what really impressed me is the fact that many of my classmates including myself have problems in life... It really struck a huge arrow in my heart... It really gave me an urge to change...

It really made me regain my lost confidence and made me give respect to myself...

I guess now, I really do have to change... Especially now that the new year is just starting out...

Well... at least now I can start over again, heal my past wounds and start becoming a better person... ^_^ =)

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Yawn... 1 year passes and another year comes..

Sigh.... 2005 is gone and 2006 is just starting....

I wonder what will happn in the next 12 months?

Many things can happen and everything is so unpredictable...

They say this year is gonna be a good year?

Only thing I can say is wait and see... ^_^

I just hope we will have a really good year this 2006!!!

BTW: For all those ROSE players out there, Eldeon will be release withing the 1st quarter of this year!!!! Lets keep our fingers crossed... :D

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