Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yui Horie ~ nanodesu!

LOL Hanyuu. X3 she looks so cute. :P Enjoy yerselves xD


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Monday, April 21, 2008

3rd term ends, short summer break begins

Despite the sweltering heat and some minor setbacks with my laptop, finally the third term is over and most of us can either relax or get prepared.

In terms of grades, I've been doing well, although I have shortcomings in my Calculus and my Data Algorithms classes. But aside from that I've been doing quite good. I've been finally admitted as one of the officers of the school's computer org, and that I am able to have a higher GPA compared to last term.

But despite this, I really have 3 things to be thankful for right now:

1. Ms. Neslie, or should I say, Miyuki-chan.

Seriously. As in, during persef1, until it was already close to the end of the first term, I just looked at her as if she was just a teacher, but then, after watching Lucky Star and after her classes in Englcom during the third term, I started to become more close to her. Heck, I even made the front page of my portfolio really cute just to please her. Is this what they call infatuation or what... also, she's moe. xD

But hey, I got her number and as well as a pic of her. xD During the induction of the new officers of the La Salle Computer society(that's the computer Org I was talking about), I accidentally texted her. my friend Andrew was really grinning at me, saying that he's starting to see something between me and Miyuki-chan. The next day during course card we had block lunch. Then out of the blue... She texted me. I called on andrew and told him that, then he showed it to the rest of the block. It was a bit too embarrassing to say the least xD

Thank god one of my senior officers has texted me about a meeting, so I was able to leave without making a larger fuss. But, now, at least I'm happy that I was able to talk to Miyuki-chan after the term is done.

2. To Heart.

Yep. I am finally able to grab myself a copy of the very first season of ToHeart. I just watched 7 out of the 13 episodes, but the anime was really great. It was laid back, relaxing yet memorable. And I really like Akari Kamigishi.

Actually, the urge for me to watch toHeart came after watching Lucky Star. so we could just sa that Because of Lucky star, most notable Tsukasa Hiiragi, i was able to watch ToHeart. And I never regretted it.

Besides, I really like the story of ToHeart anyway, and... I can't wait when Akari and Hiroyuki might confess their feelings for each other... x3

3. Yeah! Tsukihime english patch!

LOL, this was only last night. As in, I was now finally able to download the Tsukihime English patch. Thank god mirrormoon was able to renew their ftp links.

for those who don't know Tsukihime, it's a visual novel game and the storyline is quite good. I only played the first few chapters but it's actually like reading a novel. Only it's quite graphic and has images in it.

all in all, I'm grateful that the third term ended better than what I was expecting... Next Term, I'm already a Sophomore and now the topics we might be covering might become rougher and harder. But I know that I can survive through all of this.

But... before I forget:

:P Here's a pic of me and Ms. Neslie. I hope she's doing fine wherever she is... ^^

'till next time then. ^_^

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