Monday, June 13, 2011

Belated Birthday, Independence Day and some other ramblings

So yeah, last Thursday was my birthday, and Friday was the celebration. Then again I ended up having indigestion and a bad case of diarrhea for the next few days until today. Really sucks, especially since I ate a whole lot, and my body was going haywire all over because of it. D:

Regardless though it was a fun day and everyone enjoyed it. Especially my girlfriend, who gave me a copy of Noli Me Tangere as a present. I'm thankful for her and for the gift she gave me. It was really touching since I really wanna have a copy of Noli that is not a textbook. Thanks again, sweetums~ *snuggles*

Also, yesterday was independence day. Too bad I wasn't able to get out due to my diarrhea. Sucks. :( But the important thing here is that, the Philippines is like, 113 years old now. And I just hope that through the celebrations held yesterday, the Filipinos will be more inspired to become heroes in their own right and be able to keep the freedom and unity our forefathers fought for and was able to claim over a century ago, as well as help each out to make this country more beautiful and prosperous.

All that aside, right now all I need to ramble about is my sedentary life. You see, like I said in my previous blogpost, I'm still jobless and I'm just stuck here with nothing to do but play games, watch anime and be a basement dwelling weeaboo. Which actually sucks in the long run. Probably, well according to the hypothesis me and my gf had, my indigestion and current health problems can be attributed to me being in a sedentary/NEET state for a long while, and apparently my body doesn't like it. Well, I can't help it if there aren't any jobs available that are suited for me right now. And no I aint going to no call center, fuck that.

/sigh. At this rate I might end up rotting in my house in the end. But I don't wanna be a bloody burden to my family, especially since my dad now has an unstable job nao. Might as well keep on looking for job. Maybe this is just God's way of telling me, it's not yet your time, it will come soon enough. I dunno. But meh, I ain't giving up just yet.

That's all. no birthday pic for nao since I'm on a rush while writing this. Hope you guys have a great week. I'll try to update this as frequently as I can like before, and probably change the layout as well~ See ya!

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