Sunday, July 22, 2007

changes, changes and moar changes

yawn... alright then... lots of change are starting lately and I just want you guys to be informed of the ff:

1. my rants on my blog wont be as regular as it used to be.
yep.. due to lack of time and random stupidity, I might not be able to update my blog frequently. hopefully i would be able to do AT LEAST 1 POST per two weeks.

2. new layout on the works
hehe.. I've been working on a suiseiseki theme for a couple of weeks now.. hopefully i would still be able to manage... ^^;;

3. finals are fast approaching
damn how fast time flies... Finals are due next month and I havent finished my requirements yet, not to mention my somewhat mediocre performance in school, If i dont do something quick.. I'm done for @__@

that's it for now... X_X


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Saturday, July 14, 2007

pinoy 4channers

I know I know. I broke rule #'s 1 and 2, but hey, they were made by gaiafags so what the heck.

anyway... a few days ago, I went to 4chan and posted this thread:

"ITT we do not speak in english.


(CENSORED) 4chan!!!!" (or something similar)

from out of nowhere, Pinoy 4channers popped up and started talking in tagalog XD it was like a meeting of pinoy 4channers. it was freaking epic. but it wasnt the first time.

I post a few of these threads during the re/b/oot, there are quite a few filipino 4channers out there. I've also met some of them IRL and one of them is my blockmate XD

*sighs* hehe, 4chan is really a melting pot of people. but also long as "the cancer that is killing /b/" is there... 4chan will just rot like tomatoes... dammit moot, do something about it. and also, /r/ loli board XD

update: I'm working on my machine project and I'm busy with other stuff... It'll be a few weeks before I can update mah blog layout @___@


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Lol wut?

okay.. Here's what's going on with me for now:

1. My bro was just admitted into the hospital.

He has "Insomia" and he was confined at the hospital for that. Actually to be quite honest, he should be sent at the nearest Mental Hospital because he himself is a nutcase. *sighs* that guy is being treated normally and yet hew acts like a complete jackass. damn.. I wish I was an only child... @__@

2. laptop problems

my brand-new faptop(a.k.a. my desu laptop) is going bonkers at the moment because of malware. and you guys know what malware does to your system... long story short, (censored)(censored)blows up. Currently, I'm asking experts from the Spybot: Search and destroy forums and things are going as well.. Hopefully my system should be clean and I should running stuff all over again... XD

3. Grades

seriously. been on the bad end of the stick lately.. Seems that my academic performance is slumping at this time... Maybe because of the sort of difficulty of the courses... particularly on Basicon and FilKomu... If this keeps up... byebye Dean's List... T_T

4. pROSE is closing down.

Yep. to all you pROSE fans prepare to pack yer bags... pROSE is closing on August 6 and people are getting emo'd about all this. Although I'm deeply saddened about all this, I'm not that much affected.. I may have done much to improve the game but in the end... Things come to an end... I'm gonna move to Granado Espada now (as soon as I get the client @___@)

that's all for the update. hopefully I'll be able to update moar often. XD


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