Wednesday, October 25, 2006

bandage.... AMF

Last saturday was the bandage... but supposed to be on of the best days of my life just became a bit tense... X__X

Well, the exams are easy... :P So, I'll just skip to the events of the afternoon and night...

Well, I get to play ddr and guitar freaks in glorietta... Martin and pepe came along with me... We are waiting for martin's friend, nikki who was uber late... I went out and ate lunch..., Then they showed up, then nikki finally showed up...

Afterwards we went to egg, then came back to don bosco... Then played some more ddr... But we were late for the bandage, so we returned to school...

But when the bands started performing, some chaos occurred... While me, nikki, abraham and his cousin, Yna are watching rocksteddy and Toyo, Martin had a feud with Nikko again... Medyo nagalit nga siya eh... @___@ At first I tried to approached him, but marc pushed me away from him.. 2nd time, I was able to get my bag and continued watching the other bands....

Finally when Nikko's group left, me and nikki went close to martin.. I went in first and he was so freaking furious.... I was able to calm him down, Thank God... And I was able to mellow him out with some help from nikki... All of that while Barbie Almalbis was playing XD

Well, afterwards we returned home... at least martin is ok.. For now... I just hope he'll be able to control his temper until the end of the school year... As for nikko... I'll keep my eye on that person... Observe his habits... and analyze through some psychology....

I'll post another edition of "Comments on the people I know" once I'm done XD

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Queen Paranoia - slapshock

I see my fear everytime I open up my eyes
When you come around I will try to hypnotize
I talk in fear coz you caught me by surprise
I need to scream or I need to realize

I've been so full of you
Need not to take it
Give me somethin' else that I can do
How can I disappear
When I can't even see those things I try to hear

I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same
I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same

Now that you're gone maybe I can be like someone else
I talk too proud just to let it off my chest
I can't believe I was stuck inside
Been there for so long didn't notice pass the time

I've been so full of you
Need not to take it
Give me somethin' else that I can do
How can I disappear
When I can't even see those things I try to hear

I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same
I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same

You say you'll be all right
But you won't give up without a fight
Things have been so unreal
Give me something else that I can kill
Just one more thing before you go
When you leave just close the door

I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same
I'm sick and tired of all these games
This game you try to feed me
But it feels the same

(This song is dedicated to an enemy of one of my closest friends.... I hope he gets what he deserves...)

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Saturday, October 14, 2006

tagboard changes...

lawls.. had to change my tagboard...

My old tagboard isn't working... @___@

I'm forced to use another tagboard... hope you wont mind... ^_^

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Friday, October 06, 2006

A continuous flow of miracles...

Hehe... Last weekend and today.. I saw some simple yet great miracles.... DEspite the fact that a storm hit Metro Manila and I missed LU live...

First, the outreach... Actually, I only brought there my experience on building houses, since I had helped out with building our own house... When I got there, we've got to pass buckets of cement and gravel, as well as help out in some of the other necessary stuff there... Afterwards, during lunch, we're having a sing along wherein we're singing our hearts out XD

Also... When I went down from the contruction site, I saw the women of the place singing to Harold birthday songs... It really mad ehim cry.. It was so sweet... =3

In the afternoon is the outreach proper itself... We're able to have games, a stage play, as well as a singalong portion and some fun stuff as well... All in all it was fun... Even if I've missed LU live for this, heck. I'd rather help out with these people than go to those stupid events where you've got nothing to do anyway.... XD

In the evening, we've got our electricity back... But Before that we went to the Mall of Asia for the first time... We had dinner there as well as to explore the place... It was really beautiful... ^_^

the next day was the La Salle Entrance Exams.... @___@

But then, it was one of the easiest tests I've ever seen... XD As in their logic and math tests are easy (mainly because of Darwin, Mel and Claire XD) The english tests and the essays are a bit mediocre... But the science test is X___X omgwtfxxors.... But all in all it was easy, and thank God for giving me a easy test.... ^^

And Today was our last Marian Pilgrimage... Yesterday, my mom told me she won a mp3 player... And at that moment I truly believed in the power of our lady of perpetual help. Earlier during the pilgrimage, we've got to pray a different rosary, as well as to celebrate mass... During the mass, me and Pepe got to sing loudly and we're able to be active in the mass. Also, I was able to raise up to our lady my petitions... Then afterwards, we went to SM sucat to claim my mom's prize... Although the mp3 player is 128mb, at least I've got an mp3 player XD

hehe... All in all, this is just an continuous flow of miracles.. Hopefully, this will continue to flow until the end of the Year... Just goes to show that a little bit of faith can go a long long way.... ^_^

God Bless. ^_^

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