Saturday, March 25, 2006

Falling Hearts...

A poem... made by me and Clara.... ^^ <3

falling hearts... ^^

the more love we type, the more hearts will fall...
and i will write on and on...
with lots and lots of love...
yet words won't ever be enough
to say how much you love someone...

then i will just dream...
see them with my mind's eye
and remember whence they came...and the reason why
for those hearts have a meaning, and their meaning is love
and that love really comes, from both of our hearts...

intertwined with fate and destiny
and by God's will and heart,
blessed by both the stars and the moon
their hearts unite as one

and together...
their love is...
like the moon to the night and the sun to the morn
bounded forever like the stars in the sky
ever pure, ever sacred, ever strong
their love is invincible

for as long as the nightingale sings her song under the eaves of midnight
their love shall be strong as sun's mighty light
and as beautiful as the moonlight

and as holy as the songs of the seraphim
the angels sing in exhaltation
a song, the praises their love
for love is the covenant of God
and that love should be shared with everyone

me and Clara share the same love for poetry... ^^

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Friday, March 24, 2006

End of School year and my finals next week...

Oh damn.... My finals are next wek and I haven't completed my requirements....

But I'm glad that this school year is about to end... As in there may be some up and downs, but hey, nothing is perfect...

I just hope next year would be better... Since this is also our last year in the school..... *Sighs* Time flys when you have fun... ^_^

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

1 chapter ends, another one begins...

In life, we go through many challenges. Some are too overwhelming, while some are fairly simple. But the rewards are very rewarding. One such example is your schoolwork and graduation is the the reward after years of hardwork.

Clara, you have made it this far and you've deserved it. You have worked so hard just to get your diploma and now you are gonna get it. Kudos to you, Clara, for your time has come! Gratz!!!

As for me, mine is next year, and on that year, my time for redemption has come. Screw all my biases and my dark sides, now is my time to strike back with a vengeance at heart. My time is NOW. Rock on people. \,,/-.-\,,/

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My thoughts after reading primedefender's Article...

I logged in to my ym account just now and saw primedefender's stat message with a link. I click that link and it lead me to the manila bulletin's website that contain's his article on "The joys of Playing ROSE Online" and I can see in full detail all the good stuff about pROSE, especially the hyperactive community.

It made me think that during the past few months of play in pROSE, I never expected that this small community has done something big, and that is to make a beautiful and hyperactive community out of a game that, some players think is too dull or too boring...

As in it made me think that many of us became active and became helpful to each other, supporting one another and at time compete with one another in friendly competition. I am also awed by primedefender's remarks about LD, there was no foul play, no cheats, just pure sportmanship and competition.

In short, as contrast to what pROSE's "critics" would say, I think pROSE really has a bright future. Despite all the problems, both in game and IRL, I do think that pROSE will really affect our lives, whether directly or indirectly, because, "though the ROSE Online community is small (compared to its elder brother, Ragnarok), we, the players, could definitely do something big." A quote from Ed Gimenez (a.k.a. Montoya), the GCM of UCP.

The article can be found here:

And primedefender, from the bottom of my heart, thanks. You just made an beautiful statement about pROSE amidst all that criticism. You, really do deserve the name "primedefender". Kudos to thee, Pao Pena (Primedefender)!


ROSE ON!!!! \,,/-.-\,,/

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Friday, March 03, 2006

A Coup d'etat attempt, no classes and more crap...

Wow... the last 2 weeks was so... amazing...

As in there is a coup attemp, a lot of protests and the president making up some bullcrap about a "state of national emergency" in which many people believe is a sign of Martial Law...

Although I'm glad since we got no classes last Friday and Last Monday, I still feel pretty much angry because of some of the stuff the president ordered like the raiding of the Daily Tribune, arrests to some of the so-called coup plotters and other bullcrap like that....

I short, I'm dead pissed off right now because of all this Political b.s.... I think it's the president's way to cover up her crimes against the people.... So I shall say this:

The president must resign at all costs.

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