Tuesday, November 25, 2008

going into the home stretch

Well, with more than two weeks before the finals, many of us are gonna procrastinate all. However, I'm a bit disappointed at myself.

You see, I just saw my grades in the second departmental exam of THEOCOM (Theory of Computation) and once again, I fell a few points short of getting the passing grade. It really pissed me off. I got too much overconfident, but in the end I failed.

Add to that the fact that both 2nd and 3rd departmental exams in ARCHORG (Computer Architecture, Assembly and Organization) are pretty much like wildcards; I don't know if I'll pass or fail one or both.

Honestly, I'm pissed off at myself. For the past term I have been a complete bum; focusing more on games and playing rather than studies and my duties as a student and as a officer of an organization. It's like I took things for granted and now I'm paying the ultimate price. I was taking things too lightly. And I really blame myself for what is happening to me right now.

Well, there's always hope... The final exams. But it would take more than a miracle for me to pass them. I just hope I can do something about this situation. Guess it's now time for me to focus on studying rather than games and anime for the time being.

On a more positive note though, the community manager of perfect world, CM SamHok, invited me to go to the Level-Up Office in Makati. Initially, he told me to go Friday or any free day I wish, but I told him I'll go there next week Thursday after my Theocom exam. It's really great since it gives me the chance to meet the GM teams of all the different LU games in person, especially those who are under perfect world. I hope I can bring my camera along. :3

Another positive note: I was able to download the last two episode of hidamari sketch x 365 yesterday. They're quite beautiful. I really like both episodes, especially 12, since... well.. you know.. girls love... etc... Oops! Don't wanna spoil you xD

Well anyway, with less than a few days away from finals... I really got to think. What the heck am I doing?! I should stop fooling around and start working for my grades. I'm in college now, not in high school. I should really learn to be more responsible. And to end, I just wish there is still something I could do to make up for all the mistakes I've done for the past few months. Gomenasai.

On a side note (last point), my friend, Kelvin, asked me this, which do you choose, heaven, or hell? i said neither, for I wish to attain balance. Honestly... I kinda regret saying that, since he told me afterwards that where we are going depends on what we do in this lifetime. Think about it, God will ask us when he meets us, what are the good things you have done for me? He doesn't care about achievements, He doesn't care about what we have accomplished. Rather, He cares about what good have we done... For others, for ourselves and for Him. Think about it. Where do you wish to go?

And with that, おやすみなさい。

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thinking ahead: 3 more years!

First and foremost, happy birthday to my blog! 3 years and still going strong! Thus, I wish for three more years! I hope I'll be able to find time to be more active in this blog.

Anyway.. I just came from a talk with the Vice Chair of the Software Technology Department of DLSU's College of Computer Studies. The talk was all about the ST electives we're gonna take, what tracks those electives are under and of course our practicum, or in layman's terms, the On-The-Job Training.

Honestly speaking though, I'm am starting to really think more of my future. Especially now that I have two more terms before thesis and practicum. More so that I need to have a CGPA of 2.75 to be qualified for the ladderized master's degree. I really reflect even more on what I am doing right now as well as the things that I've done in the past. In the end, all I can say is this: I haven't done much at all.

Seems that my inner demons really got the best of me. Worse of all, it seems that i myself am doing nothing from disciplining myself.

I'm beginning to wonder what the future holds for me. But I know it's not yet too late. It's still the middle of the term. Mid-game pa lang to, 'ika nga sa DotA. Damn. I really wish I know what to do right now. It's getting harder and harder to think now.

Well, that's all. Once again, happy birthday dear blog. 3 more years.


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