Friday, June 30, 2006

Crazy Weeks

The past 3 weeks are so crazy.... XD

After my birthday bash at the boards, it was the first week of school, i met my old friends old classmates old rivals, but a new school year await.

Then there were problems with the euROSE migration and integration, the migration/integration processes are complete but payment system is not yet fully made up... Prime said anytime between June and August, the euROSE players can play for free, but it seems they were able to get into tala server but only for 15 hours XD

Well, much has happened afterwards, pROSEboards shutting down for a while due to extended maintenance and stuff, prime's birthday and all, one thing is certain, we can never be toio sure about tomorrow, but blue skies will always be waiting tomorrow... ^^

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Blue Sky - Hale

When do stars fade their light?
Does the moon and the sun make it right
For you the world maybe
Like an endless storm chasing a mystery

Is there hate in your heart?
Does your body drop and tell you to stop
Loving you or loving me
When it all falls down you just sing with me

Coz there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow shining and shimmering
A blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow
Maybe it's all we need

Oh don't you wash away that smile
You just look out the window and see the light
It's beautiful to be alive
It's wonderful to live a life

The sun is sure to shine
For you and me for everyone
So don't be sad it's just the start
Of a new beginning in your life

There's a blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow shining and shimmering
A blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow
Maybe it's all we need

Rain will keep on pouring
Some things you can't control
And while the sun seems far and hard to hold
It will ...unfold

There will always be a blue sky
A blue sky waiting tomorrow
Full of..hope..yeah
Full of hope yeah

Coz there's a blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow shining and shimmering
A blue sky waiting tomorrow
Waiting tomorrow
Maybe it's all we need

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Some changes in teh blog layout

Hi... I just changed the position of teh tag-board to the bottom of the sidebar for design purposes...

hope you guys won't mind... ^_^

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

June is a great month for me...


yeah... 3 days from now, it's my birthday... Normal for me to feel special.... 0.o

Anyway, aside from my birthday, there are 3 other things that made this month special... First, is the Tala wipe... Now, it's 9 days from now and the new patch will contain eldeon and ROSE evolution... I'm sure everyone will be having fun... ^^ Second, is the euROSE migration. The europeans players have waited 5 months for this, now it's time for them to play with us! Third is the founding of a new clan in Tala, named NekoKitties, it's an all girl/chixi clan... If you're a girl/chixi, join us. :P :P

Also, on my personal side, I gonna get dsl!!!!!!! And it the start of my last year in don bosco... But the details of my last year, i'll give it on another post... ^^

June is great month for me as well as the pROSE players... I just hope all of us will be able to see pROSE rise like a phoenix yet again... ^^

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