Sunday, September 24, 2006

streneous work in mt banahaw...


mt banahaw was like one of the best hiking experiences in my life...

With lots of trekking and hiking, with rock roads and really large rocks along the way... Mt Banahaw is dangerious at the same time exciting as well...

But more than the physical aspect lies the spiritual part of the journey... As in the people there have so many sects... and they are really serious in terms of faith.. They kinda combined christianity with animism... And me thinks it's normal for them to combine both to create folk christianity... They're really devoted to their faith, and that's what counts.

Still, everything there was really beautiful... And I'd say it's the best experience of my life... ^_^

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Saturday, September 16, 2006

A new anime I love.... :P

I love sugar!!!! She looks kawaii... Just like Sakura.... =3 =3 XD

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Friday, September 15, 2006

a near humliating experience

dyspepsia + little cash = >.<>.<

So I rushed to the supermarket, bought me some toilet paper and rushed to the restroom and there I let the Dogs out XD

NMext time, remind me to drink some medicine... XD =))

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

thoughts after the retreat

been a week now since the retreat happened, and honestly... those we're the best 3 days of my life...

as in, I never felt so much emotion, so much anguish, so much pain and so much sorrow in the face of my classmates and friends... I felt my own pains and sorrows, and sometimes, it feels as though it was really killing my soul...

the 1st day was just an familiarization to the place, and we did some rough hiking... We we climbed down the mountain through a muddy path, I did something a bit smart and used my arse just to slide down the mud... XD It was really funny although at the cost of having too much mud on my humps mwahahaha XD =)) . Late at night we had a rosary, and it was very memorable... We heard all the problems of our classmates, we heard how much pain the had to endure... We heard all their cries for help... It was really unforgettable...

The 2nd day was more intense, because we get to watch a walk to remember, and that is just one of the most unforgettable movies I have ever watched... And to be honest, it really made me felt sorry for myself... It made me feel guilty about all the things I've done to my ex-girlfriend... And thats the reason I went to confession, with my tears falling out of me, as if I was crying an ocean of sorrow... Afterwards, we get to express the problems of our class.. Each one of us had something to say about the class, many of us became more and more vocal about the class' problems... Afterwards, my classmates went to confession, although I was praying the rosary while roaming around the grounds of the church...

After dinner, we went back to the dorm, and me, as well as JM, Chris, Bryan, sir Mike and Sir John had a mini-concert and some of our classmates we're watching us... We had some chit-chat and had a good time... It's as if I feel more vocal to others...

Afterwards, we get to grab our pillows and hug em tight... Our spiritual moderator tells us that those pillows represent our lives... At first we didnt hold them tightly, so they we're taken away from us, but at the 2nd time, we got to hold them so tightly that we couldnt just let them go... It was really a en emotional experience, and afterwards, we saw some crosses, we grabbed some and gave it to our friends... And we said sorry to each other... At this time, I saw Jasper crying her heart out... When I saw her cry, it kinda struck my heart, as if I want to comfort her sorrow... then we read our letters from our friends and relatives... It was really great to see that my parents and some friends really do care for me and it was really warming...

the 3rd day was really meaningful, partly because it was the last day, but it was meaningful, because it allowed us to see ourselves, our lives, and others who care for us... No matter how much we became a nuisance to them... Then, as we celebrate mass, it was a really great thing that we stepped over a log and told each other to leave there all our negative stuffs....

And when we came back to don bosco, we are blessed that we got ourselves a fiesta waiting for us... And our parents was really happy that we get to be with them again...

All in all, the retreat was life changing, although some of my old traits still remain, now, I have more confidence than before, and now I can do things with little fear....

I have survived the retreat and came out a better man, and we, as a class became united and became better students... I just hope and pray that this will last for the next 7 months....

God bless... ^_^

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