Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fresh Start, Fresh Term

Ah yes. The new term has just started and I get the feeling that this will be one interesting term. for starters, most of the subjects are quite interesting to say the least. Most especially GAMEDES, COMPILE and KASPIL1.

Another thing to note is that this term marks the start of my Thesis. At least me and my Thesismates are able meet up and really make plans for whatever we're going to do. Hopefully we'll be able to work had and be able to deliver all the deliverabls in due time. also i hope that my thesismates will be able to do their studies at the same time.

Also, as stated before at the beginning, I'm loving GAMEDES. As in, the first assignment is actually playing a game. The game is entitled "Plants Vs. Zombies". It's quite a fun game, and quite different from other Tower Defense games. I'll just give a sort of Review about it later.

In short, the first week of classes is quite enjoyable. Hopefully I can be able to finish the term with better grades than before.

also, within the week I might update ng blog and plurk layouts. Gonna change it with some K-ON! related stuff. :3

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

no more free time next term yay!

seriously. Next term, although the schedule suggests that I have free time, looks like I have little to no free time.

Why? Blame it on the fact that I was not able to finish the project for my OJT on time. also, I haven't completed my 190 hours of OJT work. bad right? so, most of my free time (Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, the whole of Friday) will be used for project development.

Bad side: little time to do homework/thesis/projects. ;_;

Good Side: there's an allowance. and work experience xD

however, I view this as more of a challenge rather than a threat; can I be able to finish the project at the same time finish all my requirements/school projects on time? this is probably a test for me. However, i shouldn't think the negative stuff all of the time.

Besides, in a way, I like my job. I've met a lot of new friends and companions. and the superiors are quite fun and approachable. the project is quite alright as well. although we're already cramming to finish the remaining work. haha.

Well, at least now I can finally say that I can do something productive for once. In fact, I am willing to help the company in their future endeavors.

that's it for part one of my blog post. next part, something a bit more serious.

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