Sunday, January 20, 2008

stupidity at it's finest.

*facepalms* It's hard to fight against people who are persistent about their ideas. the authors of the blog that kadiliman linked are either too stupid or too biased to think about what they're speaking. Freedom of speech? Bah, true freedom is impossible to achieve. I'd say they're doing chaos. The reason why rules are implemented is because we do not want chaos to litter all over, and yet here they are, complaining and whining about how indecent the Immortals and Asche are. Talk about stupidity. They're just doing their jobs for Phage's sake. Stop BAWWWWWWW-ing like children and get a life, morons.

And oh, why release your frustrations at a certain blog? why not spit it on the person's face like a real man does, huh? Are you guys brave enough to say those words to a man's face? Or are you guys crying like babies simply because things are not going as you planned?

I pity you, those who bring forth condescending tones and who keep on flaming not only HOL but also on the Immortals and HOL. Why? Because they only know part of the story and treat that part as if it was a fairy tale wherein HOL is the antagonist and the Immortals and the GMs are behind HOL's backs. LOL. Like I said, the Immortals and the GMs are just doing their jobs. IT'S THE PLAYERS WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF FOLLOWING THE RULES. You say injustice? you say prejudice? you say martial law? I'd say it's IGNORANCE. I'd say it's ARROGANCE. ENVY. COWARDICE. Hello? It's the way they wish to do things. If you got a problem with that, go to the head office in Makati and talk to them. Let's see how you guys will end up. And also, why view HOL as the antagonist? Have they done anything bad against the server? Or are you guys jealous because they got lots of land. Take note that only part of the population gives a damn about the territory wars. Most people only want to have fun and be able to level up their characters.

and another, why do they take the TW too damn seriously? It's as if you guys have all the time in the world to talk about these things. What about your real life huh? What about what's happening IRL huh? Do you care about that? Are have you guys degraded yourselves to the point that only the game matters to you and nothing more? Remember that this is only a game for Christ sake. Might i ask, will your words affect everyone IRL? Will those words of all prove to be useful in the development of the country? Will these words spark the flame that will enable the people to make a stand against Real Life oppression and return the spirit of nationalism to our country?

Why am I saying and asking all these things? It's because I want these morons to be reminded that PERFECT WORLD IS ONLY A GAME. IT IS NOT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. I'm pissed at these guys because it looks as if their lives revolve on the game and nothing more. bah, idiots. They should stop thinking about that VR shit and gb2/RL. And what theyre fighting for is only a product of their little crazy and very stupid minds. If they only adhere to the rules and follow them instead of just going out there, fucking everyone else's fun for the sake of trying to prove their points, then we won't have much chaos as we had now.

TL;DR they gotta shut the fuck up and think about what they're saying for once. oh wait, they're too childish that they'll just persist their ideas with or without proof. hahahaha. poor fuckers. Too bad they'll feel the wrath of the internets real soon....


sorry about the stuff I said here in this post. I'm just releasing some anger. hope you guys will understand, since they somewhat ruined my perfect day... =/

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First two weeks of the third term... YAY!

Sorry, If I wasn't able to record what was going on during the past two weeks, but oh well.

First week was great, although i missed my first meeting in fwteams and Tredone because I was sick. =/ However, the good thing is that I was able to be with Ms. Neslie Tan for 4 days a week. XD Ms. Neslie, or Miyuki-chan as I wanted to call her, Is a really kind professor. She was our teacher in persef1 but I chose her for our englcom class. She's really great and all, she kind too once you get to know her better.

Also, during the week I was able to meet, incidentally of course, Chantal/Cattleya of GSG. I thought to myself "Siya kaya si Chantal na sinasabi ni Luna?" Oh lord, of all the possible moments I could meet with her, sa formdev na, first meeting pa lawls. XD Well, we were able to have lunch together and we're able to have a good time, although I was on a rush because I had a class and all.

As for the subjects... Objectp is a bit interesting, especially because Our teacher, Sir Raffy is a bit comical. of course you know already englcom. The rest are just fine. Although Tredone is boring.

Alos, I was able to meet new friends, get to know some of the teachers better and of course get to hang out with the rest of justin's tropa. XD

Second week is a bit too hectic. Got too many assignments already. X_X even up to now, I'm trying to rush those assignments ahahaha. But I was able to meet a few new friends, lalo na sina Terry at Dior ng Tredone. Hopefully I'll be able to watch code geass(and borrow terry's episode 24 -25 in the process. XD) as well as other anime.

Well, all in all, it was a great 2 weeks in DLSU. Third term is just starting. Let's just see how much more can I handle before I can get a taste (hopefully) of my first DL. XD


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Patience and Persistence.

Well, as if the TW crap in Dragon server isn't enough. Here we are, yet again with people complaining about slow updates and they want a new server. Why? Because they're impatient eh. They don't know how to wait and they don't have the patience. And like they say, zero patience can lead to persistence and persistence can lead to annoyance. I don't want that to the community.

Here's the thing. I can't air my opinions out in the open since the people in the official boards somewhat misunderstand what I say. I try to tell them my opinions, they easily judge. But what the hey. Words won't bring me down. Anyway, that aside, I don't think PW needs a server yet. why? Servers are not really that populated. Yun lang. and the Territory wars is not an excuse. As well as they want a "fresh new start". LOL.

Speaking of Fresh new starts, they keep on stating that they want a fresh new start because they made their characters incorrect. Clearly they haven't heard of try again. They need not to move to another server. They can just start over here and play. Also, I said the Territorial wars is not an excuse since it only involves people with clans. What about those who don't care about the territorial wars and only focus on their levels? also, they said servers are too overcrowded? I've been to the starting cities (Sword, Beast and Feather), and I noticed that there are only a few newbie players there. me thinks they're just generalizing too much because of what they see in the Major Cities(Dragon, Universal, Dreamport)

also, about patches, they keep on complaining about when the patch comes, when will the patch comes and blame LU for everything. blargh. they don't know the development cycle for mmorpgs. Because here's how it works:

Developers -> Distributors -> Players

Developers make the patches then give it to the distributors, which in turn translates the material and passes it to the players. Ganun lang. they can't just blame LU for everything LOL. Primedefender, the Former Brand Manager for pROSE online, as well as Phage, the former Community Manager for pROSE said it themselves. I'm sure it's the same freaking thing for PW-ph. And yet players don't understand that. They don't have the patience kasi eh. They wanted things fast and fast. Why, will rushing things bring more good than harm? I'd say, no.

Those impatient players are really, really persistent about their Ideas. But what the hey. Wala naman talaga silang magagawa kundi maghintay eh. Too bad for them. At least for us who are willing to wait, and who have a high tolerance for things like these, we'll be able to enjoy this game. In conclusion, I pity them.

Besides, Good things come to those who are willing to wait. 'ne? ^_^

I'll talk more about my personal events later. XD

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Saturday, January 05, 2008

About the territorial wars BS

this is addressed to those people @ Dragon server who only spend their time fight about what the heck they're doing @ TW.

The flamebaiting and the bad comments may have not reached the boiling point, but do we need to wait until to goes beyond it?

Seriously guys, you guys waste too much time fighting with words. I'd say, screw words, let's settle this with a brawl. Yun lang. Action speaks louder than words they say. and in this case, with all this word wars and noise, parang daig niyo pa ata yung mga dakdakan at ingay sa senado or sa kongreso or kahit sa showbiz pagdating sa mga "scandal" at mga kung anu-anong mga isyu diyan for once eh. Oh wait, diyan magaling ang pinoy, sa tsismis at sa paninira ng iba at sa sa pagiging tamad at walang ginagawa upang mapaunlad ang bayan. <_<

The point is, you guys are talking too much crap that almost 60% of the population doesn't give a damn about. If you guys are really that serious in fighting in the TW, then go ahead, make a stand for yourself. prove your worth. As if lahat tayo depend nalang sa Celestial. What the fuck. All the clans should do something about this issue, hindi lang sa usap lang nang usap na wala namang pinupinutahan. Even the major clans like Phoenix, Lotus and bhadboys should do something about it. Not just sit around there waiting for something to happen. even those clans na wala nang lupa should do something about it. Otherwise, wala. The flames will just continue and eventually hindi uunlad ang server TW wise.

the point is, every single clan should get involved in the clan war itself, not the preceeding word wars. After all, actions speak louder than words. Wala lang mapupuntahan kung puro salita lang. Dapat may kasamang gawa para mapatunayan ang iyong mga salita.

Also, another point is that bakit TW lang ang pinagbibigyan ng pansin sa Dragon server? Like I said before, it's as a lot of people know about it but in fact around 60-70% of the population doesn't give a fuck about the TW crap. Me thinks you guys should try to focus on other concerns regarding the server: e.g. boss and dungeon hunts, kill-stealing and other major offenses and of course some player-sponsored events. Those things are really stuff that affect the server as a whole not only a select few like what's going on at the territory wars.

in short, instead of focusing on some crap that only few people will benefit, we should focus our attention on what the server as a whole really needs. Aside from the stuff only LU and WanMei can provide(e.g. patches, events and stuff), we should also try to find ways to make the server more lively aside from the TW.

TL;DR, only few people give a fuck about the TW so shut the fuck up and do something worthwhile for once like doing something about the TW mess or even better find ways to solve the other problems the server faces. It's as if the people there only give a damn about the pride of their clan in the Wars rather than the betterment of the Dragon Server.

Sorry for my harsh words. i gotta let off some steam. At least that's my view on what the heck is going on right now.

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