Friday, January 18, 2008

Patience and Persistence.

Well, as if the TW crap in Dragon server isn't enough. Here we are, yet again with people complaining about slow updates and they want a new server. Why? Because they're impatient eh. They don't know how to wait and they don't have the patience. And like they say, zero patience can lead to persistence and persistence can lead to annoyance. I don't want that to the community.

Here's the thing. I can't air my opinions out in the open since the people in the official boards somewhat misunderstand what I say. I try to tell them my opinions, they easily judge. But what the hey. Words won't bring me down. Anyway, that aside, I don't think PW needs a server yet. why? Servers are not really that populated. Yun lang. and the Territory wars is not an excuse. As well as they want a "fresh new start". LOL.

Speaking of Fresh new starts, they keep on stating that they want a fresh new start because they made their characters incorrect. Clearly they haven't heard of try again. They need not to move to another server. They can just start over here and play. Also, I said the Territorial wars is not an excuse since it only involves people with clans. What about those who don't care about the territorial wars and only focus on their levels? also, they said servers are too overcrowded? I've been to the starting cities (Sword, Beast and Feather), and I noticed that there are only a few newbie players there. me thinks they're just generalizing too much because of what they see in the Major Cities(Dragon, Universal, Dreamport)

also, about patches, they keep on complaining about when the patch comes, when will the patch comes and blame LU for everything. blargh. they don't know the development cycle for mmorpgs. Because here's how it works:

Developers -> Distributors -> Players

Developers make the patches then give it to the distributors, which in turn translates the material and passes it to the players. Ganun lang. they can't just blame LU for everything LOL. Primedefender, the Former Brand Manager for pROSE online, as well as Phage, the former Community Manager for pROSE said it themselves. I'm sure it's the same freaking thing for PW-ph. And yet players don't understand that. They don't have the patience kasi eh. They wanted things fast and fast. Why, will rushing things bring more good than harm? I'd say, no.

Those impatient players are really, really persistent about their Ideas. But what the hey. Wala naman talaga silang magagawa kundi maghintay eh. Too bad for them. At least for us who are willing to wait, and who have a high tolerance for things like these, we'll be able to enjoy this game. In conclusion, I pity them.

Besides, Good things come to those who are willing to wait. 'ne? ^_^

I'll talk more about my personal events later. XD

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