Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Layout, but still fixing things

hahaha... Isn't it ironic... Less than a week before finals and I'm supposed to cram all of my projects, and here I am, updating my blog and it's lovely layout.

The layout is peaceful yet simple in nature. Obviously showcasing Tsukasa of Lucky star. Nothing much.

The left sidebar is a bit missed up though... The alignment sucks, but I'll fix it at a later date

hopefully I'll be able to pass things in due time... Schedules are getting hectic. X_X


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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The lack of updates seems to have stagnated me.

Ah... Title says it all.

Sorry about the lack of updates. I had a lot of things to do between the last blog post of mine and this one. A lot of things have happened yet here I am yapping in front of all of you. i just passed through midterms as well as two departmental exams. I also able to go through two minor essays as well as a heck of a lot of cramming, but school crap aside, lemme tell you guys 2 stories about what happened before.

1. LEAP Day.

Yep. The Lasallian Enrichment Activity Program or something like that Day was a bit hectic. I enrolled in the flash game course, only to find out that it was actually cancelled. Complete bummer. I was able to enroll in another course, which is the History of Masked Rider. Before I went class however, I player alongside a few of my friends to a game of DotA. I somewhat got pissed after the actions of one of my friends... Thank God we reconciled and able to stick together again after the incident.

After that thing was sorted out, i went the to activity. At first, I was like, ok, expect this to be a bit boring... But when I got to the activity room in the LS building and started hearing more about the masked Rider Series, especially the ones I'm familiar with, i started to become more and more interested... suddenly, i felt a sense of nostalgia when I watched Masked Rider Black yet again. Really reminded me of my childhood days back when Sentai action was still then "in-thing" during the nineties..

All in all, despite some of the slip-ups, i was able to enjoy the day, and learn a thing or two about Kamen rider as well. haha... I guess leap was enjoyable after all.

2. Gayle's Debut

Remember Gayle, the girl who's pic with me I posted a few months back(although I removed the pic already)? Well, she invited me to her Debut last Feb. 15, a day after valentines. It was alright, although going to the place was hectic since the U-turn slot was at Katipunan, and in front of Ateneo(talk about coincidences, wadaheck). The food was really delicios and the program itself was good. I was even surprised to see Gayle singing as she entered the hall.

Too bad I wasn't able to attend the afterparty @ Eastwood City. My parents were too quick to go to the place... I also felt sorry that I wasn't there for my friend who has gone to a nasty fit after hearing his driver saying that he can't bring him home(and he was caught by the guard after smashing a bottle to the ground). But nonetheless, I had a good time.


Ah heck, that's about it. afterwards, it's just exams, assignments and studying. Oh well, Holy Week and Pacquiao's fights are fast approaching too. I gotta waste more time on finishing projects, especially now that the projects are getting harder and harder to push. X_X


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