Monday, November 27, 2006

Dead mode.

yawn... ever feel that you're so tired that you just wish to skip everything else and just go to bed and hope the next day will be better than now?

That's what I feel right now... It's called "dead mode" and I'm just a victim of it. Usually I'm hyperactive and somewhat crazy sometimes, however nowadays, I'm starting to be more and more tired, less suagr in my body i suppose...

But I dont understand why does this happens, most especially during the time that I need my energy the most.

I'm not in the mood the post here what happened during the high school dance last saturday because of this...

*sighs* If only there was some way to get rid of this... @___@

I'll just post what happened then anytime later...

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Joy and Sadness

hehe... the last weekend was full of joy and some sadness....

Well, last saturday was supposed to be the day when me, martin and pepe will go to the hataw hanep hero convention... But we spent like half of our day in school, for some orientation about service... The first half of our time in school was more on some basic training.. Some soldiers gave us some basic training regarding some basic military procedures, most specifically during ceremonies.

The 2nd half is more on the orientation regarding what will happen on Dec. 2 and 3. We will take care of some of our disabled brothers and sisters, good thing I went to the security group. Actually, I'm the only computer technology student who joined there XD. but I felt that it's my calling anyway...

The 2nd half of my day is at the hero con, me, bien and martin took the jeep and we went straight towards the world trade center in pasay for the hataw hanep hero event. It was really fun, and I got to meet my gsg friends especially my brother Rei, my sister-in-law (Who btw is uber hot) Nina XD, the co-foundress miyu and her bf yoh, Sir Luc, sir Flik,, Sir foxhound, souleater, arheis and of course our Grand foundress Kakurine Mikain. I had so much fun during the time, I bought a small mokona larg doll and a deck of clow cards. I also got to play with Bien during the last few hours of my stay...

But during the last part, I saw martin and pepe outside, being emo and all... MArtin because he starting to go wacko again, and pepe because his crush being dedma on him. @___@ I hope they would find solutions to their problems... ^_^

But sunday was really funny, although manny pacquiao won vs. erik morales XD I got my grades, my grades went higher EXCEPT PHYSICS! >.< Thus I'm still rank 14. doh!

But my whole weekend was exciting totally speaking... I kinda enjoyed being with the gaidens and having to go to hero con for the 1st time... ^_^

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Interaction and Kamikazee

This week is one of the most wildest weeks of all...

Last tuesday was our social interaction with class 2-i of St. Scholastica's college in Manila. At first it was a bit boring, then I foiund out more about my mistake during the last time I was with a girl... then we went for some snacks then we went up towards their Avr room, there I met Aya and Larissa, Aya was my partner, while Larissa is my friend Luis' partner.

After some get to know stuff, we played some games, then finally we got some alone time.. Discussing some stuff... after lunch, we got to watch some presentattions then we have to say goodbye... I gave aya the present, then she gave some gifts as well...Then we left...

Next is what happened last friday, the Kamikazee concert.. Actually I consider that as one of my worst day because Aya and Larissa didnt come, Nikki or even Rei didnt show up either.. And by the time Kamikazee came my dad is so freaking furious that he even tried to leave me. But overall I had fun with abraham XD

Ah what can I say.. Crazy week again... I hope this week will be funnier because of hataw hanep hero and the card distribution... @____@

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Happy birthday to my blog...

It was a black and cold night.. I was on my laptop, chatting with friends... When I viewed a friend's blog, it made me think... Should I make a blog as well? Then It hit me. I need a place of thought and reflection, and a blog would be perfect for this... And thats when I gave birth to this masterpiece... my blog....

Yep.. one year of events, places, people and all that other bullshit has passed... And everything especially myself has changed.... My classmates now have at least a sense of respect... Although I can't say that for some... @__@

I gained some friends, lost some, and had my heart broken for the first time... So many places to go, so many things I have done.. So many high and low moments... Most of them, have been recorded here...

Now, one year has passed... I wonder what the future holds for me and my blog? Will I still be able to post here and share my thoughts with the rest of the world? Will I be able to share my secrets here with others?

So many questions... but so little time... Anyway, happy birthday dear blog.. I hope we can still keep in touch. ^^

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