Wednesday, May 30, 2007

tripping with girls

yawn.. I decided to trip with girls now instead of guys because I wanna do something different lol...

It's like... well, although you'll get a bit outcasted at first by the girls, but once they get to know you better, they might just let you in... As in, if you're giving enough time to both guys and girls in you block, you'll be able to interact more with your blockmates...

don't get me wrong though, I aint looking for a new girlfriend though XD

At least I just want to know the girls better... Just because I want to. XD Besides, I'm too damn used with tripping with guys... I came from don bosco after all and 11 years I've been looking at guys and gays everywhere... and it's too boring.. I'll just stick with the girls for a while nalang XD

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Sunday, May 27, 2007

desu desu desu desu desu XD

why bother resisting? you can join us ~desu XD suiseiseki needs moar desufags XD

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Friday, May 25, 2007

homework and cramming

first 3 days and now we have some homework, worst part is it's a group work and I have limited access to the pc *blink*

actually I really need to meet up with my blockmates na eh... I gotta find a way to do this group work and fast...

sorry for the rushed blog post... but it's the only way I can relieve myself of some of the strees I have earlier 0.o;;;;

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

1st day high

lol the first day of classes in De La Salle University is quite cool to be quite honest, although it was rainy and that's the only thing that spoiled the fun X_X

anyway, the first few subjects we're too ironic for each other: Algebra, which is one of my strengths and Filipino, one of my weaknesses.... Still, both teachers are nice and we're able to interact more with our professors...

Then we have our break, me as well as some friends of mine have decided to roam around the campus, trying to know the sights and sounds of the DLSU campus. We're able to visit the exhibit on the open-air lobby of the Yuchengco building and I;m quite impressed.

Then we had "personal effectiveness", as in we get to know more about each other do some sharing and interaction with our blockmates, which is btw... too damn united XD

Then we had lunch, some of my blockmates already went home, but me and the rest of us have lab X_X But at least it was fun, but hey, we had early dismissal XD

allinall, the first day was quite fun. hopefully in the next few days, we'll be able to have more happier days other than this XD

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Layout, New School year

ok ok.. So you guys ahve noticed. I have a new emo/grunge/gothic style layout. It's based on L of Death Note as well as as some emo/blood stuff...

It's my first time to make a layout and I know it sucked. But What do you expect? I'm still a newb in layout design XD

also, tomorrow is the first day of classes... Although I met my blockmates and we're somewhat united and close... I'm still quite nervous... But i know that I'll be able to do well in my first day.. I should make a good impression on my first day.. Otherwise... I'm dead.

that's all for now lol.. I'm in a hurry now XD gonna post moar later XD

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Elections lol

Yawn.. here we go again, senatorial elections...

Every election time billions of pesos are being spent for campaign crap... Yet, they only earn so little... Them politicians have way to use their pork barrels lol...

And yet they have done little for the country... This day is such a waste.. In the end... It's still up to the voters to decide...

Besides, I know there are still good politicians out there.. But only a few.. But what the hey. Vote Wisely. The future of our country rests on it. ;)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Parokya ni Edgar - Sampip

Some people love shoes of certain kinds
Some people love afternoons or the way the moon shines
And they have their own reasons to feel the way they do
That's why I ask myself, what it is with you

Is there something wrong with the way I speak
Do you even see me when I pass you on the street
I'll close my eyes and let it be
Because I just can't see why you love to hate me


Some people love weekends because they can fool around
Some people love thunderstorms because of how the drops of rain fall down
And they have their own reasons whatever they may be
That's why I think it's kind of funny that you don't have one for me

[Repeat CHORUS]

And it sucks to face the truth that I ain't got no reasons too
Whenever asked the simple question why I feel the way I do
And I know it's stupid on my part to say that I love you
Even though I know you hate me and you don't know why you do

[Repeat CHORUS]

I dunno why, but I get the feeling my ex still kinda hates me... This is just a song in honor of her... ^^;;

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

De La Salle Personal Effectiveness Program

Hmmm... technically, yesterday and today we're my first days of school in la salle, and I have to admit... It's fun. :)

no really. It was really fun. I was able to meet new friends even at the start of the first day. We get to chat and get to know each other better, and we get to play some games... I was also able to see a play and hear a few words from our vice dean and our one of the alumnus of the school(which is btw, quite interesting ;))

Actually yesterday, I was really in for a treat. Our facilitator was nice and even promised me that I will have new friends during the day. Actually I already did XD Although I didnt get their numbers, we'll still be in touch through the yahoogroups and the multiply. But hey, we'll meet up anyway on May 23 XD

Then we had the tour of the campus... Basically to me, it's just a recap of the places to go and to stay. It was really fun.

Then earlier, we had a mass held at their chapel... There we took our oaths as La Salle students. It was quite solemn and good. Awe-inspiring to be exact...

Then we had some more fun activities, such as more games, getting freebies from the different organizations,watching some performances from ther pep squad and dance groups and practically learn a few cheers.

In the end it was quite fun and great. I get to meet fresh face, new friends and new connections. However... I got somewhat close to one of the girls in the class, named Janelle... She really lives near my old school at Don Bosco and wants to pursue mass comm. after studying comp. sci... At least I got to know and respect her (and get her cellphone number in the process XD) but at least I'm proud to have a girl as one of my new friends here at De La Salle.... ^_^

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007


lol... I'm bored... nothing much to do but trip on computer, trip on 4chan, trip on ROSE etc...

summer is quite boring... although we had that short trip to baguio and to pangasinan, which was, although fun, it was a bit boring...

Anyway.. it's also a shame that youtube deleted some of them anime being viewed there... I cant believe they deleted azumanga daioh and rozen maiden episodes... Really pisses me off... Thank god there was someone who posted some episodes of traumend and overture... and with my youtube grabber here, I could just download them for play and reuploading.... ^^;;

Well, I'm back in ROSE, especially now it's f2p and all... At least I wont need to waste extra cash XD XD

Enrollment in la salle is tomorrow and I cant wait to see who would be my classmates... I might be seeing abraham and jasper but hey... At least there are some bosconians there XD

Ah heck.. in a few weeks, classes will start again... I just hope I wouldn't screw up and start making a name for myself. I swear. I'll do my best. And I'll try hard in my new life in college.

btw... desudesudesu XD

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