Monday, October 29, 2007

ZOMG hectic

alright alright... here's the thing...

I'm currently rushing on my computer programming 2 project which is due on wednesday XD

call me a complete crammer but so far i was able to finish 2 functions, although there are still bugs @___@

I'll just try to rush the round 1 of the game itself by tomorrow XD

ANYWAY... next saturday is LU Live... the Mecca of Philippine Online Gaming... Hopefully the EB of the GM Asche Fans club will surely push through, as well as I can come/go home early XD XD they the event itself will be fun at the same time very interesting... But what the hey, I'm just going there for the sake of some fun XD

Well, everything is indeed going chaotic, but won't stop me from having fun XD

and btw... I'll replace the header part next week... I'll make it moar beautiful. ^^

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lucky Star Opening XD

This is the opening for the hit anime series Lucky Star. Enjoy XD


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

I love Kagami!

Well I changed my layout. sorry if i use a full image and it was pixelated XD I'm too lazy to make a fancy design at the moment. please bear with me XD

this new layout expresses my love for both Konata and Kagami of Lucky Star although recently i love Kagami more than Konata although me and konata share the same interests and almost similar in terms of attitude XD

Well, forgive me for having a bad layout but I hope you guys will love this new layout based on lucky star XD


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Monday, October 01, 2007

bah... been a while

lol... been a few weeks since the last update... I'll just give you guys some summaries:

1. Going into a poor suburban neighborhood is fun.

Hehe.. it was for our community service thingy... We went to a poor suburban area in San Mateo in Rizal. Me and a friend of mine we're able to visit one of the families there. The mother just bore a son and we think it's truly a blessing for her. She told us a lot of good things, especially stuff about hard work, perseverance and diligence to what you're supposed to do. She said her relatives became successful because of that, and that she's really happy with the life she's living despite the relative poverty her family is facing. It really made me think... Am I happy with the life I'm living right now? am I truly at peace with myself in terms of my life, my goals and what I've done so far?

2. Hecticness...

As if my sched would be moar chaotic... This wednesday is the departamental exam for our compro2 course. although I was able to learn a lot from the teacher, I got 2 things to worry about: 1. the difficulty of the test, but since all the professors will help out in the test, It might be a bit easier... 2. fwdance. We'll be uber tired after dancing for like 4 hours (yep, 4 hours XD) and now we'll use our mind for the exam. that'll be quite a challenge I should say...

3. New layout.

Been a while since I changed layout... I might be changing it once I have the free time(maybe this saturday, perhaps?) I'll base it on Konata of Lucky star this time. hopefully it'll be better than this one... ^_^

Well, that's all folks... you guys won't be hearing from me for another few weeks... until then, have fun, be safe and god bless. ^_^


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