Tuesday, April 28, 2009

K-On, Grades and On the Job Training

hehe, been a while.

anyway, It's nice to blog after a long while. Been busy with a lot of stuff, projects and the like. anyway, Finals are over, and now I'm working for De La Salle Philippines. Which is quite surprising considering that they accepted me in the last second. Anyway, the people in DLSP are great people, and my partner in the OJT, Paolo seems like a nice guy. I hope we'll get along during the next few weeks.

Anyway, as you may have noticed, this post is not just about my On the Job Training. I've been hanging around a new anime and Manga Series named K-On! Which revolves around the crazy adventures of 4 girls who are members of their school's light music club. The Anime is quite crazy and the Manga is really enjoyable.

also, this:

and this:

I hope this will make you watch K-On! moar. xD

One last thing, my grades last term are quite bad. 2 1.5's, 2, 2.0's and 2 3.0's. damn, I should exert more effort. Next term is thesis, so I really need the effort.

Well, that's all for now. hopefully I can find time to post moar often.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the old.

Hey guys.

Well, I just reverted to my old Yunocchi layout since Valentines is over and stuff. Hopefully during the course of the summer I can make a new layout.

that is all. also, 2 more exams to go! yeah!


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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Finals... again

well, been a half of a month since I last updated this blog. I'm starting to have little to no time updating this.

Can't blame me though... I got too many projects to do, too many issues to confront, and too many problems to solve.

Right now, I'm a bit worried about my grades for this term. My performance for this term is as bad as heck. I'm doing too much procrastinating and I've degraded myself into a lazy bum. what the heck.

With regards to my subjects though, I'm doing somewhat well, although NETWORK and SOCTEC2 are getting the best of me. I am able to hold on my own when it comes to subjects, although I still need to work hard to get a well deserved grade.

Another thing is that I am not able to find a good company for my On-The-Job Training. I have applied in 4 companies, yet I was not able to successfully get a spot in one of them. Probably by next week, I'll apply to De La Salle Philippines and hopefully they can accept me as a OJT/Student Intern.

Maybe, during this holy week, since I came from confession and all, perhaps I should make an effort to do something, as in study for my finals and stuff like that. I really need to exert a lot of effort to make sure I am able to pass all of my subjects this term.

Side note though: I might consider leaving LSCS for good. I dunno. I made a few friends there but then again, maybe it's because of my irresponsibility and the fact that I cannot handle too many things at once next term that led me to this decision. I would like to thank everyone at LSCS for giving me a chance to at least, help out, in the simplest of ways, to further strengthen the organization.

Well that's it then. I hope you guys enjoy this holy week, and hopefully I can go through all of the trial that I will face in the coming weeks.

another side note: I might change my blog layout again. Valentines is already over xD

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