Sunday, March 27, 2011

For you.

I never really understood why there is a need for you to brood over your mistakes for an extended period of time. We are human anyway, we certainly have flaws and we all make mistakes at some point in our lives. You don't really need to feel down for too long because of your flaws and mistakes. Besides, you see me doing all sorts of mistakes and I don't feel down for an extended period of time. I suggest you do the same.

But the thing is... To say that I should break up with you because of your flaws? That's f. stupid. Why would I even want to do that? I'm more than willing to help fix those flaws of yours since you are helping me fix mine, and because I care so much for you. I willing to help you because I love you. Despite all your flaws and all the mistakes you have done, still that wouldn't mean that I will no longer love you anymore because of that, no. I will still love you because you are you. I will always love you. Always.

I love you. Despite all the trouble, all the mistakes, all the bad stuff and the physical distance between us, I won't let those hinder me from loving you more and more and more. That is how much I love you.

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Friday, March 11, 2011

So uh yeah... another thing.

I won't make a tumblr account. because :effort:

Nor am I gonna export this blog and transfer it to a wordpress blog. unless it's hosted on my own server.

that is all.

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The only things I pray for right now...

1. That my thesismates can finally finish their part of thesis and submit the document on time so that we can defend our thesis.
2. That the problems that my girlfriend is having right now will be resolved soon.
3. That what everyone in Japan is safe and that the tsunami that might come in my country right now will not be as destructive as a lot of people are saying.
4. Most Importantly, that everything will be alright.

I won't lose hope. I know there is a way. I will do my best, and pray that God will do his part as well.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Doubt... and Reflection.

I just came back from a long time of reflection. But before I get to those that I thought about during that time, right now there is some sort of cloud of doubt regarding our thesis.

With less than two weeks left and with so much to do, I've realized that our group has been doing this at a really slow pace. As much as I want my groupmates to work faster and focus more on thesis, I don't want them to burn out because of that. But at the same time it has to be done so that by the time defense comes, we can really defend our thesis. What a dilemma lol.

Right now I thought of several solutions, such as doing quick testing ASAP and to give some story work to some friends. But although this will speed up the process of the writing of documentation, I still doubt that we can still finish everything by next next week. But I hope that this will suffice in at least appeasing our thesis adviser. Looks like it's now time for me to find means and ways of fixing this mess. I hope and pray that me and my thesismates can get through this mess.

Anyway... Back to my points of reflection, it actually included some things regarding thesis. However, what I really wanna reflect right now is something more... spiritual. As in, I've been asking these questions all this time since earlier:

- Have I been a "good person"?
- Am I really following God's will?
- Am I acting like a man of faith and not like a hypocrite?
- Am I too bashful and full of pride (And has removed his policy of humility)?
- Have I forgotten to become generous to others?
- Do I have respect for everyone around me?

Yeah. These things are and others are in my thoughts, though I will reflect later about these and other concerns as well. Honestly, I want to have a clearer mind before I can tackle the other problems that plague me right now, and right now would be a good time to do so.

Yeah. That's all, for now. Might be writing an even longer posted in the coming days~

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