Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The very first person I actually considered as my role model...

(Taken from my plurk; just reposting this)

The very first person I actually considered as my role model is my dad.

As in, yeah I actually lionized the guy because he's strong, he's hardworking and very generous.... And I admit, I was too abusive of his kindness. But regardless, lalo na't after he had that heart attack noong 2nd year HS, I came to realize how much of a blessing to my life he is.

Despite his condition and all that has happened to him, he tries his hardest to keep out family afloat. Maybe I'm just too careless and ungrateful and ignorant of his kindness.

I guess now is a good time to say thanks and sorry, dad. You've been a great person and I took you for granted. But I guess for now you're happy with who I am right now.

I still consider you as my Idol dad. I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day.

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Over the past year or so I've been so obsessed with a microblogging site that somewhat allowed me to really express myself and see what my friends or other people have been doing. This site allowed me to share to my friends and to those who follow me what are my likes, my dislikes, what kinds of things I am doing, what activities I've been doing, and my deepest darkest secrets. It also allowed me to be, more or less, be myself and be free to say whatever I like.

What am I talking about? Of course, I am talking about Plurk. Plurk ( is a microblogging site that allows you to really post whatever you are doing at a particular time. Just think of it as something like twitter. But this time, the updates from your friends and your plurks appear in a horizontal timeline instead of a vertical timeline. Plurk also introduced a lot of other features such as Plurk search and badges. Plurk also allows the full customization of your Plurk layout, enabling you to fully customize it to your desire.

But probably one of the more bittersweet things about Plurk is the system of karma. Karma in Plurk allows you to gain access to more of Plurk's features. The higher the Karma you have, the more features you can unlock, such as additional emoticons, the ability to change yourp display name and Plurk title and other interesting features. Increasing karma is quite easy though, just lurk regularly, but not too much. Inviting people also helps. But one bad thing about the karma system is that, if you don't Plurk regularly, you will lose karma and probably lose some of the features that you have worked so hard to gain. But if you have a lot to share to the world and you have many friends, I don't think that would be a problem.

In terms of personal experience, honestly, right now I can't actually live a day without Plurk. As in, Plurk allows me to check what are my friends doing, whatever thoughts they have, and as I've stated earlier in the intro, it allows me to express myself, share whatever ideas I have at the moment, share pictures that I've taken with friends, tell people about what I've been doing and share whatever interests me. It also allowed me to somehow know more about my friends and, in a sense, know who my REAL friends are.

Unexpectedly though, Plurk has also become a constant source of drama for our group. As in, there are some days wherein I, or some of our friends would cause drama in Plurk that could have somewhat shook the group of friends that I had IRL. In one of those times I ways literally crying in front of the computer for once. As in, those times where in there was Plurk drama somewhat caused me to really think twice about my friends  and really cause me to be a bit more... cautious. But regardless, I still do think that if it wasn't for Plurk, I wouldn't be able to somehow see the true nature of my friends whenever drama like this happens.

In short, Plurk somehow turned my world upside down. It allowed me to express my feelings faster than writing stuff in a blog, which is quite ironic since I am blogging right now. hahahahaha! It also allowed me to really see what my friends are doing and it allows me and my friends to share and express anything in general, as long as we keep our karma in check. hahaha.

I'm grateful for Plurk. It even gave me a virtual cake when it I celebrated my birthday a few days ago. (LOL A small birthday cake appears below your name whenever you post something during your birthday. Although it only lasts for one day though.) I really like Plurk, and I'm really thankful for the creators of Plurk for making this website. I hope Plurk will last for a long time, and will still allow not only, but everyone who is a member of Plurk to really express themselves in this tiny space of the internet.

Thank you Plurk. Thanks for the fun (and sad) times!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

20 years on, still going strong

Yeah, birthday blog post.

20 years on, but I still haven't experience enough to be honest. Yeah, I smiled, I laughed, I cried alot, I get angry, I fought, I worked hard, I dozed off, I dream, I fell in love, I got a broken heart, I have numerous infatuations, I won prizes, I failed, and most importantly, I lived, but there are still many things that I have yet to experience, so many sights I want to see, so many things that I want to do, and I really want my life to be really meaningful.

Out of these experiences, one thing that I learned from it all is that, life must go on. Despite the hardships, the sufferings, the pain, the blood, sweat and tears that we experience everyday, we gotta keep on moving forward, learning from and accepting those experiences and gain more momentum, determination and strength to push forward to reach our dreams. We can't stay stuck crying in the past forever. We can reminisce but we can never turn back the pendulum. We gotta work hard and enjoy the present and learn from and accept the past, for the future will be uncertain.

Oh well. Right now, I'm as happy as heck. Friends went to the treat that I organized, I was able to buy stuff that I need and want, and most importantly, I was able to enjoy this day with the closest of my friends. I'm grateful to everyone who greeted me and celebrated with me today. It was fun, although there are things that I didn't really expect to happen, but nonetheless it was really great and I enjoyed my time today.

And yeah, if it weren't for my family, my friends and especially to God, I wouldn't be in the position I am in right. Thanks everyone.

Happy Birthday to me. LOL

also, have a catgirl. :3

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