Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Updates... and stuff.

Thesis and academics are bogging me down. I has no time to blog properly. haha.

anyway, updating... I'll make the new layout on saturday. gonna base it on Yui and Azusa of K-On! Already finished the main part, I still need to make the backgrounds and title holders.

probably I'll blog something tomorrow after class, something related to anime for once. because most of the things I've blogged about are either about personal stuff, issues or pure randomness. and here I am still thinking what to plurk even after around 5 years of blogging. LOL.

oh well. anyway, enjoy your day everyone. also, add me as a fan on plurk! it's you can also check out twitter, although it's just full of replies from plurk xD

see you around everyone!

p.s. my internet sucks. sky broadband philippines apparently hates torrents and mmorpgs. crap.

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Have a picture of Yui hugging Azu~nyan.

Happy Valentines Everyone! 

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Wassup wassup? Are you willing to change?

*sighs* Well, it's been a rough few weeks without blogging. I've been too busy writing up plurks, making up questions and doing nothing but IRL stuff and online gaming for the past month or so. Not much time to blog about politics, or computers or gaming and stuff. Kinda defeats the purpose of blogging right?

Personally though, I haven't even formally greeted you guys a happy new year, so sorry for that. hehe. Anyway, Looking back at the months passed, I see that time really flies. A lot of changes have happened, a lot of things have changed. Good things and bad things happen. From the earthquake in Haiti, to the end of certain telenovelas, life is constantly changing.

You might be wondering now, what's with the introduction involving change? Well, to be quite honest, I've been seeing all these posters, banners, or even better advertisements all over the city, ads shown in television, jingles and commercials aired in radio, or even better them ads all over the internet, asking people to change. Heck, I've been even hearing political jingles and commercials about certain politicians asking for change.

However, one might ask, where does change start? As those ads and banners say, change begins in oneself. It is true, but how can one be motivated to change? There are many factors; one can change through force, for example one person is forcing himself to change or a group of friends is pressuring one of their kin to change, however this method is somewhat brutal. On the other hand, one can change slowly though. If he constantly meditates and reflect on all the actions that he had done on a regular basis, then maybe, just maybe he might get the courage to slowly, but surely, change for the better.

However, aside from motivation, one might complain that sometimes, change can be bad. Why? Because we will never know what to expect after that change. It is this sense of insecurity and uncertainty with regards to change that actually hinders us to really reflect and accept change. And that is something that will hinder progress. One must not be afraid of change. After all, it happens everyday. Nobody crosses the same river twice after all. In one way or another you will change, if not you, then your environment will change. So instead of being persistent with what you have now, why not try to change? Who knows it might end up becoming a good thing after all? We may never know, everything is uncertain.

To conclude and to summarize it all, change is something we will experience in one point in our life, it can start immediately, or it might need an external factor or two to be activated. Change can be quick, or slow. But not everyone welcomes change. But to those people, they should learn that change is something that happens everyday. It's really either adapt or die. They must give in to change sooner or later.

To end this rather long discussion, lemme leave you with this thought: have you tried crossing the same river twice?

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