Saturday, December 22, 2007

On pROSE Online and it's closure.

I know. I know. huli na ako sa balita. But me thinks it's already about time for me to talk about this. I'm already aware of what happened since September. But It took me a long while before I stepped foot into the Roseboards again.

Anyway, back to topic: I guess everyone knew that on August 6, 2007 if I'm not mistaken, ROSE Online - Philippines has ceased to exist. Thousands of players, although have already received compensation, are still crying out why has it happened, and why does it have to end this way. It's really sad, considering that I've played the game for two whole years. I've been through it's ups and downs. I've seen it all. From the fall of iROSE, to the long delay in updates, to the development of the community factor.

It's because of ROSE online that really shaped me as an online person(although much later the credit goes to 4chan because of it's influence.) The game itself really made me change the way I look at somethings and really provided me with a place where I can.. Interact.

I met a lot of friends there. Some of which are GMs, most notably primedefender and Phage. I, dammit I miss them so much, I wanna go to Vietnam and drag them back here. XD then of course... Are my clanmates. Ethereal is one clan I'm surely gonna miss. Especially after being through so much for two whole years, only to end up breaking up because of the closure.

Most importantly, because of the game I learned how to love and lose somebody. I gained someone because I worked hard for her, but in the end I lost her, because of my selfishness. I doubt she would forgive me because of what I did, but I know someday she will. After all, time binds up all wounds, 'ne?

and of course, there are the foreign players. Among all of the people I've met, the european players were the closest thing to family I've got. although they're grateful to me because I'm the catalyst as to why they're able to play on pROSE even for a short while, I'm grateful to them in return because of the fun and great memories I had with them. I know they made a new server of ROSE just for them, and I know that they'll do just fine. hopefully I'll be able to come by and play along. ^^

All In all, I really do miss pROSE online. It's one of the few online games that I really cherish in my heart. although I maybe living in a perfect world for now, still my heart lies on the bed of Roses.

Rest in peace, Elysia, Maltonelsis and StellarLousier. They will live now as KonaKona and Elysiakun in the realm of pangu.

and I only had one more wish for pROSE. I wish it would come back, this time it will become perfect.

until christmas, dear blog readers. Arigato for your time. ^^

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