Saturday, January 05, 2008

About the territorial wars BS

this is addressed to those people @ Dragon server who only spend their time fight about what the heck they're doing @ TW.

The flamebaiting and the bad comments may have not reached the boiling point, but do we need to wait until to goes beyond it?

Seriously guys, you guys waste too much time fighting with words. I'd say, screw words, let's settle this with a brawl. Yun lang. Action speaks louder than words they say. and in this case, with all this word wars and noise, parang daig niyo pa ata yung mga dakdakan at ingay sa senado or sa kongreso or kahit sa showbiz pagdating sa mga "scandal" at mga kung anu-anong mga isyu diyan for once eh. Oh wait, diyan magaling ang pinoy, sa tsismis at sa paninira ng iba at sa sa pagiging tamad at walang ginagawa upang mapaunlad ang bayan. <_<

The point is, you guys are talking too much crap that almost 60% of the population doesn't give a damn about. If you guys are really that serious in fighting in the TW, then go ahead, make a stand for yourself. prove your worth. As if lahat tayo depend nalang sa Celestial. What the fuck. All the clans should do something about this issue, hindi lang sa usap lang nang usap na wala namang pinupinutahan. Even the major clans like Phoenix, Lotus and bhadboys should do something about it. Not just sit around there waiting for something to happen. even those clans na wala nang lupa should do something about it. Otherwise, wala. The flames will just continue and eventually hindi uunlad ang server TW wise.

the point is, every single clan should get involved in the clan war itself, not the preceeding word wars. After all, actions speak louder than words. Wala lang mapupuntahan kung puro salita lang. Dapat may kasamang gawa para mapatunayan ang iyong mga salita.

Also, another point is that bakit TW lang ang pinagbibigyan ng pansin sa Dragon server? Like I said before, it's as a lot of people know about it but in fact around 60-70% of the population doesn't give a fuck about the TW crap. Me thinks you guys should try to focus on other concerns regarding the server: e.g. boss and dungeon hunts, kill-stealing and other major offenses and of course some player-sponsored events. Those things are really stuff that affect the server as a whole not only a select few like what's going on at the territory wars.

in short, instead of focusing on some crap that only few people will benefit, we should focus our attention on what the server as a whole really needs. Aside from the stuff only LU and WanMei can provide(e.g. patches, events and stuff), we should also try to find ways to make the server more lively aside from the TW.

TL;DR, only few people give a fuck about the TW so shut the fuck up and do something worthwhile for once like doing something about the TW mess or even better find ways to solve the other problems the server faces. It's as if the people there only give a damn about the pride of their clan in the Wars rather than the betterment of the Dragon Server.

Sorry for my harsh words. i gotta let off some steam. At least that's my view on what the heck is going on right now.

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