Monday, August 07, 2006

Problems, Problems and more Problems...

*sighs* sometimes, I might refer back to my very first post here and reflect whether or not I am right in saying that life is a (censored)

3 problems are bugging me right now, and no, it's not about the periodical exams... But those 3 things will affect my whole being as a person and as a part of different communities...

1st, is, wll you guessed it. Me and Alquanna.. I kinda gone too far with the whole "exposing to the public thing" and lost many friends, saying that I am immature and act like an complete and utter idiot. My ex feels the same way too.. But who are they to judge me? Sure, I may be a n00b now, but do they really know me? do they really know the pain and crap I'm experiencing? Do they really know what it's like to be misunderstood every single time? Sol said that "I am what I think they think about me." Well, different people have different views, and nobody can make a common view about himself just by combinging the thoughts of others, for many people really have different views. But, I believe that I should be more optimistic with myself. Instead of cowering through the shadows, I'll persevere more, using their anger as my strength, I can do even the impossible. Remember, Invictus... Most especially the last 2 lines:

I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

2nd is the fight between former best friends, Martin Millete and Nikko Marabayles. As in, sure they fought last year, but at least they made peace and made up... But now this happens yet again, this time, the Assistant Principal for Student affairs got involved... and this might lead to a serious case... Our adviser really made a sermon about how we should be united in spite of this. When they are fighting, we should stop them because we are a class. their problems are our problems too. And we gotta work together to resolve our differences and unite for the glory of the class.

Last, is the true meaning of my life. i havent comtemplated on myself lately... I cant seem to get focus on the things I suppose to do, and thus my confusion begins... I may be a schizophrenic, but sometimes, it may take the very best out of me... I only pray to the lord god, that I may find the strength within and to know who I really am in this world.

I just hope and pray that I can overcome these 3 problems... so that I can prepare myself for the challenges ahead of me...

As Sakura Kinomoto once said: "It's ok, everything will be alright."

God Bless Us All. ^_^

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