Monday, June 23, 2008

The new Level-up Portal

I've been checking the Level-Up website back and forth for several days now and that I really noticed a big change in the way the website has been designed.

As in, the portal itself has been completely overhauled. The design of the page, the layout of the different page elements. Not to mention all of the very interesting and informative articles being posted on the site.

One big difference that I've really seen in the site as well as one of the things that I really liked about the new portal is that people who visit the site are now allowed to give comments on certain articles. Personally, I think this is a very interesting yet vital feature in the portal. As in, this will allow further interaction between the staff of level up and the players, as well as air their opinions and thoughts regarding certain articles and issues that have been raised on the portal page itself.

Another big difference that is visible in the site is that it is much more easier to navigate. unlike previous versions, this version of the portal allows you to easily access links to news, articles, account registration and the individual game portals. The design of the website is also cleaner and more organized and that the contents are properly fitted in their respective places.

However, with praise comes criticism, and this website is no exception, but dont get me wrong, I'll try to be constructive about what these comments of mine.

While the new features of the site are good, still, there is still not enough room for player-created content, as well as for a gamer-based community to thrive in. The level-up website should cater to these needs as well. Although the article based comments are a good start, still there is a lot of work to be done before LU can fully integrate the players into the LU community.

for starters, they can revise the old level-up cliq system and make it more community based, make it a bit more similar to those social networking sites like MySpace or Friendster, wherein people can make blogs or add friends or edit their settings and the like, if LU has the funds to do it of course, hehe. As well as a calendar wherein activity dates can be marked by LU so that people will know what, when and where an event can happen.

Another thing that LU could consider to improve the site is to allow certain players to post articles in the site about certain issues that affect either the games that they are playing or LU as a whole. That way, players and the people from Level-Up are also able to exchange ideas and express further their opinions on certain issues within the Level-Up community.

However, overall the new Level-Up portal site is good and that it's easy-to-navigate interface as well as the user posted comments allows more players to explore the site with ease and express themselves on the website. Although I'm sure that the website will not be flawless, still, at least the new portal will be able to make a good impression to players who wish to play Level-Up's array of interesting and exciting games. Who knows? Maybe one day the portal will eventually serve as a new online tambayan for gamers. It's possible for that to happen, don't you agree?


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