Sunday, March 21, 2010

Plurk is dead right now but meh, posting this.

EDIT: LOL this post was from a few weeks ago when plurk was dead but meh. forgot to publish. gomenasai xD

LOL plurk = dead. and everyone is mostly offline. seems that twitter is loading slowly as well...

Meh. I was never really a fan of social networking sites. In fact I never really got the point of why social networking exists... Although yeah, it is a good way to track friends and find friends of friends, or long lost loved ones, or even better relatives you didn't even know were there. But that aside, what do social networking sites do?

As in, sites like myspace or friendster don't really offer that much aside from profile look editing, friend search, testimonials, updates and what not... (well, from what I know of, of course. I don't use them anymore). But perhaps a interesting social networking site would be facebook. As in, the applications in facebook are more or less good. However, none of them really interest me. Even the ones that my friends play like mafia wars or restaurant city, they don't really interest me nonetheless.

Then again I could attribute that to the fact that I'm not really that much of a fan of flash or browser based games. I tried a few flash or browser based games. Some are good, but most games are not really that interesting. Add to that the fact that flash and html have limitations and stuff. Maybe I'm just too stuck with games that I need to install in the pc, like mmorpgs or Warcraft for that matter.

Personally though, I don't really find a use for social networking sites aside from checking your friends and what not. I don't really see the value for it. Then again maybe I'm just too cynical about this. One of these days I might try to use some of the more popular applications in facebook or maybe even better just fully maximize the so-called "potential of these websites.

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