Monday, January 12, 2009

good Karma, bad karma, and some lulz

sorry if I was not able to update my blog for a few days now. Been busy with stuff, 3rd term started, and now it's a complete hassle. Time flies when you're having fun, eh?

Anyway, It's already a few days after the start of classes so lemme tell you guys what I've been up to during the whole of christmas break.

1. Trip to Cebu! Was it bad? Maybe!

Well, yeah. Me and my parents went to Cebu and Bohol and stayed there for around 5 days, and returned to Manila last New Year's Eve. It's quite fun to say the least. at least I was able to view the sights and sounds of Cebu and especially Bohol. Being able to go to places like the Chocolate Hills and the Church of the Sto. Nino is an achievement by itself. And the white sand beaches in Bohol are quite spectacular and breath-taking. Also, I've been to one of the highest places in cebu, as in it is a tower and has rides

What made the trip a bit disappoint was that my parents forced me to go along. But then again the trip was somehow worth it anyway.

2. I lost my ID!
Well, story goes like this. I went to Timezone moa to play initial D 4. I place the bag on one side of the machine. But then, some guy just took the bag when I wasn't looking. Thank god the people from Timezone were kind enough to give me some spare cash, enough for me to get back home quick.

What I lost: Wallet, Cellphone and of course my ID. I don't a shit about cellphone/wallet, but I do give a shit about the ID. took me 4 days to get a new school ID. Good thing it's no longer a offense to lose an id. @___@

3. New term, new challenges

Yep, It's a brand new term, filled with brand new challenges. I got 4 major subjects and so far everything is good! Hopefully I'll be able to pass all subjects with flying colors. :3

Well, that's it for me right now. Perhaps I should start posting more often again, this time, not only talking about personal stuff, but also about things about my interests. That way I could really spice up this blog.

once again, Happy new year! hope you guys enjoy the rest of the month. ^_^

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