Sunday, September 05, 2010

Random Ramblings just to give me peace of mind: PART 2

Now, if the previous post dealt with whatever bullshit I noticed to my friends or whatever crap my friends are throwing out towards me, this one is more on certain things that some people, not limited to my friends want me to do, as well as some opinions on some current issues in this country that are somewhat affecting me and my work at this very moment. Expect things to be shorter though.

Once again, feel free to comment if you have some clarifications/violent reactions.

Clubbing? No thanks. I don't really mingle much with the elite and the privileged. I'd rather party with the poor and the simple people. The proletariat, so to speak. Besides, I'm not really into clubbing, I'm more into street and rave parties. At least I get to meet all sorts of people there and what not. Besides, if you're gonna say that "club for the sake of socializing!", still no thanks. There are other places to socialize. Bars, concerts, heck even in the arcade I can socialize.

Smoking? I don't want to get lung cancer this early in my life. So no thanks. And no, as much as possible I must avoid second or third hand smoke. I don't want my lungs to deteriorate faster.

One reason why I don't always stick in the same places all the time is because I want variety in life. That's why I don't stay stuck at the house, or at school, or at the internet cafe. I go to the arcade, I go malls, in short,  I try to find time to go to place that I always wanted to go, provided I have enough money of course LOL. As long as I get to experience what it's like to go places through public transportation, I'm more or less satisfied~

The recent hostage situation? Both the Police and the Media are at fault.

The Police are at fault for not able to handle the situation as carefully and as strictly as possible. Heck, looking at the video, the police are doing very stupid things during the rescue event. Still lol'd at the Sledgehammer going into the bus and the policeman placed his hand into the bus to retrieve it. That was funny yet stupid. Heck. This only proves the incompetency of our Philippine National Police.

The media are at fault here as well. They showed a full Blow-by-Blow coverage of the event, without knowing that the hostage taker may be watching the entire fiasco on the TV inside the bus. The media was also "smart" enough to show the current locations of the police and their actions. Awesome, right? And the best part is, the media claims that they are "restraining" themselves, when in fact as seen from the events, they did not. What the heck.

And now, people are now throwing rocks at each other, blaming each other for this mess. And looks like the Filipinos might have to face the angry community in Hong Kong because of this. If the government can't do something about this soon, we might end up facing China in a losing war, more or less.

Communism? No Thanks. It doesn't mean everything is equal means it's fair. Also, individualism and human rights. That's something I do not see in communist nations.

Oh yeah btw, it doesn't mean a guy liks anime merchandise and sometimes bring them along with him means a person is an otaku. Know him more before you judge. Actually, stereotyping a person is f. stupid and useless. Every person in unique in one way or another. Please understand.

Meh. Too lazy to add any more, but I guess that covers it. I'll add some more should those things pop up again.

Next Post: Part 3: Self Criticism.

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