Sunday, September 05, 2010

Random Ramblings just to give me peace of mind: PART 3

Now for this last part, this is more focused on Self-Criticism. Yep. I'll be flaming myself. You might think that this is weird, but it is important for yourself to know what are your own weaknesses and flaws and acknowledge them, as well as thinking of what to do to about those things.

It's not really a matter of pride, but rather it's an issue of accepting yourself and doing something about your problems. I'll be as honest and blunt as possible here. It's my own problems anyway, so I gotta face them like a man. No point in running away since this is my life anyway, so it's inevitable. It can't be helped.

Yeah, I'm overweight. by around 12lbs. And yeah, my beer belly is starting to bulge again. I needs more exercise. >_>

I have a lot of bad habits and mannerisms. Although some have been resolved but there are some that are just too... persistent. It's personally getting on my nerves, but then again force of habit, etc.

Am I pushing myself too hard when it comes my ideas? Everytime I present those ideas of mine, I tend to insist on it as if it was the correct idea and that everyone else's ideas are wrong. I know that there are no right and wrong ideas, but it seems that due to my persistence and my superiority complex, it's as if I keep on saying to everyone that everything I say is right and their ideas are wrong, which in my view is f. stupid.

I facepalm so hard because of this flaw of mine.

And probably one my biggest obstacles is my laziness. Yes. I suffer from a strong case of sloth. I'm too lazy and too unmotivated to do anything, although right now I have SOME motivation in the form of dreams and challenges, but that is not enough to make me less lazier than now.

and... vid effing related. LOL.

Paranoia.... I easily get paranoid, especially if people are giving me the cold shoulder. To the point that I might end up punching the person giving me that cold shoulder.

I need to learn to communicate more effectively with other people. Most of the time I'm just silent, but when it comes to online forums and blogs, I'm as noisy as heck. I need to transfer that noisiness IRL, not just limit it to the internet. o_O

Oh and one more thing, I keep on saying "later, later". Why delay when I can just do it immediately? That's probably the reason why I can't really resolve most of these weaknesses and flaws that I have. I keep on delaying it for whatever reason. What.


All for now. I'm pretty sure there are more but, for now this will do. probably I'll edit this post if ever. It may be a few, but these are the weaknesses and flaws that I have. I admit that I do/have all of these and I'm really a flawed person after all. Then again, who isn't. I just hope and pray that Imay have the strength, inspiration and determination to resolve all these things...

Final post after this: Synthesis: Why did I post all these things?

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